[aspect-devel] EGU User Meeting

Rene Gassmoeller rengas at gfz-potsdam.de
Fri Apr 10 05:10:59 PDT 2015

Hello all,

I guess it is time to continue our tradition of ASPECT user meetings at
the large conferences EGU and AGU. What about meeting at Tuesday evening
7 pm at the entrance area of the Vienna conference centre and looking
for a nice place in town? There we can discuss advances and problems and
maybe even think about topics for the Hackathon and the next year of
ASPECT's development. It would be great if you could reply shortly if
you intend to come, then we can estimate the size of the location we
would need to look for. If Tuesday is not convenient for several people
we can of course shift the date around, this is just to start the
discussion ;-).

Looking forward to see many of you in Vienna,

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