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ZhangQingwen zhangqingwen at live.cn
Tue Apr 21 10:03:44 PDT 2015

Hey, Anne,
Thank you for your reply.  Of course I am very interested in your results of sandbox benchmark and glad to hear this good news. 
    I have been trying to do this, especially shorten or extend a domain of visco-plastic materials and the topography changes in this sandbox experiment, but I have no idea about how to control the ALE-stype deformation in ASPECT, because if a domain is extended or shortened, it deforms significantly. This may be simple for particle-in-cell code like Underworld which uses trace particles and sticky-air, but for ASPECT, I didn't find out how to achieve this in the user manual .   
    To perform this sandbox benchmark, I am not sure whether you have written a plugin or simply use modes available in ASPECT. Can you e-mail them to me or do you intend to push them to the github repository of ASPECT? Anyway, thanks for your sharing if your do so.
    Have fun!

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