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Wolfgang Bangerth bangerth at tamu.edu
Wed Apr 22 19:28:01 PDT 2015

On 04/20/2015 02:41 PM, Qingwen Zhang wrote:
> Hi, all, I want to benchmark ASPECT with two sandbox shortening and
> extension (Buiter et al. 2006) to extend the appllication of this marvelous
> code further to smaller crust-scaled deformation. l find that, to model
> things in such a smaller scale, some features are needs for ASPECT. 1. A
> easier way of setup complex geometry domains such as those consisting of
> several layers or wegdes (or other more complex shapes) is needed. This is
> beyond the capability of the current geometry model (box, shell, e.g.)
> provided by ASPECT. 2. A Mohr-Coulomb plastic rheology of sand and
> relatively weaker beads, which, like several other fundamental rheology
> (von Mises, P-T dependent Arrhenius viscosity e.g.) is not part of the
> material models available now, though we have a visco-plastic one named
> morency doin. 3. Thanks to the ALE and AMR capabiliy of ASPECT, true free
> surface instead of sticky-air is available. But I notice that surface
> process (erosion and sedimentation) is neglected so far, which is on the
> same order of magnitudes with surface uplifting and thus important for
> topography evolution in geodynamic process like mounltain building and
> exhumation of deep-buried rock.
> So, may I suggest the ASPECT community to implement those features under
> the deal.II/ASPECT framework to achieve its great potential to be the best
> geodynamic code?

You can suggest -- the question is whether anyone has the interest and time to 
do it :-) All of your suggestions are quite reasonable, but in general, in 
open source communities, people implement whatever they are most interested 
in. We can't *pay* the community to implement anything that they don't need 
for themselves.

So while we can put your requests on the list of topics for the future, your 
chances of getting things implemented would be best if you helped with their 
implementation. We would of course be quite happy to provide assistance for 
where to look and how to address specific problems!


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