[aspect-devel] visu problem

Glerum, A.C. (Anne) A.C.Glerum at uu.nl
Fri Apr 24 04:09:34 PDT 2015

Hi all,

I just build the latest ASPECT dev version and ran some small models (eg stokes.prm).
When I look at the visualization files with Paraview, the vtu files show all output variables, but the pvtu and pvd files don't.
The same goes for the pvtu files in test folder parallel_output_group_0.
Looking at the pvtu files themselves, it seems like there is some information missing, I would for example expect
<PDataArray type="Float64" Name="T" format="ascii"/>
I tried with 0 and with multiple MPI processes.

Did anyone else encounter this problem?


Anne Glerum, MSc | PhD candidate | Department of Earth Sciences | Utrecht University|  Budapestlaan 4, 3584 CD Utrecht | Room Z.204 | A.C.Glerum at uu.nl |

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