[aspect-devel] Free-Surface in 3d

Avery Noonan avery.noonan at mail.utoronto.ca
Tue Jul 21 09:22:32 PDT 2015


My name is Avery Noonan and I was awarded a research grant to work in Russ Pysklywec's lab at the University of Toronto.

I am attempting to model the tectonic environment around/beneath New-Zealand, in order to see the extent to which mantle convection can explain the topographical low (considering the densities of the continental crust, oceanic crust and mantle).

To do this, I, of course, need a free surface on the upper boundary of my model.  I have not been successful in running a 3d model with a free-surface, despite variations to the solver tolerances and a CFL number as small as 0.005.

I was wondering if anyone else had been successful in running 3d models with a free-surface and whether they might have some advice for me.

Thank you very much,

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