[aspect-devel] Configuring deal.ii

Bruno Turcksin bruno.turcksin at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 19:50:41 PDT 2015


everything seems normal. The only thing that is a little bit strange is
that deal.II found bzip2 but the bundled version of BOOST did not. So you
have a warning that BOOST::Iostreams will not support bz2 but deal.II is
supposed to support it. Try to install BOOST from your package manager or
disable bzip2.



2015-07-21 21:22 GMT-05:00 Scott Tarlow <starlow at ucdavis.edu>:

> Timo, Bruno
> Thanks for looking at this. Attached is the full cmake output.
> I reran cmake with trilinos 11.4.3 and it seems to be having the same
> error.
> Scott Tarlow
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> UC Davis, Earth and Planetary Sciences
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