[aspect-devel] A confused "not terminated"problem with multiple nodes.

Timo Heister timo.heister at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 21:56:22 PDT 2015

> Thanks for the detailed suggestions. I'll contact our system administrators.
> Btw, there is another error on our cluster that I'm not sure whether is
> related with this "not terminated" problem. Every time I run an ASPECT job,
> the following error always appear in the record file:
> [mpiexec at br310] HYDT_bscd_pbs_wait_for_completion
> (./tools/bootstrap/external/pbs_wait.c:68): tm_poll(obit_event) failed with
> TM error 17002

Might be related and something you should ask your admins.

> This error appears both in single node and multiple nodes case, but doesn't
> inhibit the results output. Our cluster uses mvapich MPI module and
> mpicc/mpicxx compilers.

Are you using mpirun_rsh in your job script?

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