[aspect-devel] internal velocity boundary conditions

Wolfgang Bangerth bangerth at tamu.edu
Fri May 15 05:36:16 PDT 2015


> One of the issues with defining the velocities everywhere is that  we will
> need to use a non-uniform grid for the fully-dynamic 3D models (that is higher
> resolution near the slab/wedge and much coarser mesh in the lower mantle and
> out near the edges of the boundary), and there’s not an easy way to define the
> velocities on a non-uniform grid.

The way you should think about the velocity is as a function v(x,y,z) that is 
defined everywhere. It is not enough to know about it at the vertices of the 
mesh, but on the upside, if you think of it as a function, then whether the 
mesh is uniform or not, has hanging nodes or not, etc, are all questions that 
do not matter.

> - As a last step before running the “kinematic” simulation, we would like to
> use the AMR-mesh coarsening to coarsen the mesh using the velocity gradient of
> the prescribed velocity field (CAN WE DO THIS??).

There are plugins for mesh refinement and coarsening. As long as you can 
algorithmically describe what you'd like to happen, it can be done in this 


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