[aspect-devel] Different workflow‏ for complex geometry & material set-up

Wolfgang Bangerth bangerth at tamu.edu
Fri May 22 20:17:06 PDT 2015


> How can I implement a new way to fill different materials into different part
> of a geometry models? This is inspired by the ANSYS Fluent workflow, which I
> think is very intuitive and follows "industry standard", while ASPECT show
> poor control of What Material in Where.

ASPECT is only an open source project developed by people for their own needs. 
If you need a feature that isn't there yet, you are welcome to implement it 
yourself and make it available to others!

> The ANSYS Fluent workflow is something like:
> *step-1:* generate or import a shape/mesh and index its components (i.e.,
> points, edges, faces, bodies) and index them with indicators (this is partly
> demonstrated in deal.ii tutorial program step-49, step-54);
> *step-2:* define materials desperately in a .prm file and index them with
> indicators, too. (How?)
> *step-3:* fill different materials into curtain part of the geometry, this can
> be manipulated precisely with the help of material and geometry indicators. (How?)
> *step-4:* impose boundary conditions and initial conditions exactly onto
> prescribed point/face/body of a geometry model indexed with indicators in
> step-1. (This is not new for ASPECT).
> *step-5:* import data for further post process.
> The step-2 and step-3 are new(?) or unconventionalfor current ASPECT. Perhaps
> I need to reorganize existing material model and find a way to put them together.

The material models get the physical location of every evaluation point in the 
MaterialModelInputs structure. It should be relatively easy for you to write a 
material model (for example, by cloning one of the existing material models) 
that make a decision about the part of the domain you are in based on this 
location, and then use different parameter values there.

There is also a patch in progress 
(https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/361) that would make the cell 
itself available to material models via the MaterialModelInputs structure. 
This would allow your material model to query the material_id of a cell and 
make decisions based on this as well. The patch should be in final version 
tomorrow or so and will then be available in the current development sources.


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