[aspect-devel] "Not converge" problem with variable viscosity.

Timo Heister heister at clemson.edu
Fri Sep 4 14:24:12 PDT 2015

(yes, back to the mailing list)

summarizing some more information that Shangxin sent offline to me:

./ depth dependent profile from a file needs to be formatted correctly
(was only checked in debug mode, see
https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/597 )

./ Timing information for a typical run:
Stokes Solver takes most of the time as below:
| Solving Stokes system   | 1 | 1.1e+04 s | 70 %|
| Initialization                    | 2  | 4.43e+03 | 28 % |

Most of the time is spent in the Stokes solver, but initialization of
RTS40 initial condition is still way too expensive to be used in such
a large computation.

./ More statistics:
# 4: Number of Stokes degrees of freedom 79'283'080
# 7: Iterations for Stokes solver 576
# 8: Velocity iterations in Stokes preconditioner 11'835
# 9: Schur complement iterations in Stokes preconditioner 6848

The linear solver is certainly worth looking into. I will report back.

Timo Heister

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