[aspect-devel] available math functions

FELIPE ORELLANA ROVIROSA f_orellana at berkeley.edu
Thu Dec 29 11:50:17 PST 2016

 Hi all,

  Happy holidays !

 I just tried to implement a simple model on Aspect, which contained the
error function

   I invoked it as erf(..)

 and I got errors. Then I pasted the corresponding code line on matlab and
it worked..so it is something with Aspect that I am not doing right.

   Is the error function available on Aspect? what math library is Aspect
bundled with?

ps: This is the Aspect error I got:

   ERROR: FunctionParser failed to parse
    'Initial conditions.Function'
with expression
    '300 + 1500*erf(0.5*z/((36.0658*1e7)^0.5));'ERROR: FunctionParser
failed to parse
ERROR: FunctionParser failed to parse

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