[aspect-devel] Prescribed velocity BCs

Timo Heister heister at clemson.edu
Fri Dec 30 22:56:09 PST 2016


>   Do I need to write all the boundary conditions in one single function?

Yes, we were going to change that at some point, but that is the
limitation right now.

> I try and try different ways to write these instructions (subsection
> Boundary velocity model), but I get parsing errors all the time, cause the
> number of combinations is just enormous..
> or do I need to use a plugging that makes this more feasible?

If your expressions are complicated, it is much easier to write a
plugin to do this. This is especially true, because you can use the
boundary id to apply different conditions with a simple if block. You
can take a look at


Timo Heister

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