[aspect-devel] Dealing with the curved spherical mesh when applying different initial global refinement at different depths

Wolfgang Bangerth bangerth at tamu.edu
Tue Jul 26 13:50:46 PDT 2016


> Thanks for the information. So from this link, I notice that these artifacts
> only happen with the higher order elements. In my instantaneous flow model, I
> indeed used the quadratic elements for the figure attached in my last email.
> To further confirm this, I tried another same case but use the linear element
> by set:
> subsection Discretization
>   set Stokes velocity polynomial degree = 1
>   set Temperature polynomial degree = 1
>   set Use locally conservative discretization = true
> end
> in my test prm file.

While the link I sent you was talking about the polynomial degree of the 
finite element, the problem you see is actually related to the polynomial 
degree of the *mapping*. We use degree 4 for the mapping, and it is not 
possible to change this value via the parameter file. While the two issues 
seem different, they are in fact the same: in the place linked to, paraview 
can only show linear data, even if the solution was computed via a quadratic 
element; in your case, paraview can only show you linear geometries, even 
though internally we use quartic geometries.


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