[aspect-devel] aspect errors on TACC stampede

Robert Martin-Short rmartin-short at berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 15 12:49:50 PDT 2016

Dear Aspect development team

I'm running Aspect 1.3 with the latest version of deal.ii and trilinos
11.12.1 on the TACC stampede cluster. I've been finding that my simulations
often fail after several timesteps with the error

 Solving Stokes system... aspect:
int Epetra_BasicDirectory::Generate(const Epetra_BlockMap&) [with int_type
= int]: Assertion `curr_LID !=-1' failed.
[c559-001.stampede.tacc.utexas.edu:mpi_rank_16][error_sighandler] Caught
error: Aborted (signal 6)

This behavior is very inconsistent - sometimes a simulation will run
without error, then I'll start it again and it will fail with this error
after a few minutes. I am running setups that are known to work on another
cluster, so I'm wondering if this problem has something to do with the
combination of aspect/deal.ii/trilinos that I'm using?

Can someone help me understand what this means and how to fix it?

Thanks very much

Robert Martin-Short
Graduate Student
Department of Earth and Planetary Science
U.C Berkeley
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