[aspect-devel] CIG Webinar: TOMRROW @ 2pm featuring Renee Gassmoeller

Lorraine Hwang ljhwang at ucdavis.edu
Wed Nov 9 13:10:31 PST 2016

Don’t miss a chance to learn from the expert...

Rene Gassmoeller will be delivering tomorrow’s CIG webinar  Thursday November 10 @ 2pm PT talking to us about a key feature of ASPECT - particle implementation. 

Intricacies of particle-in-cell methods in convection models with adaptive meshes: Using ASPECT's particle implementation
Rene Gassmoeller, CSU Fort Collins

Particle-in-cell methods have a long history in modeling of mantle convection, lithospheric deformation and crustal dynamics. However, their efficient parallel implementation and application in models - in particular combined with adaptive meshes - is involved due to the complex reassignment of particles to cells and frequent parallel communication.

In this webinar, I present the implementation of a flexible, scalable and efficient particle-in-cell method for the massively parallel finite-element code ASPECT. I discuss the complexity of the implemented algorithms, present scaling tests and discuss load-balancing strategies like balanced repartitioning for particles in adaptive meshes with their strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, I will show an application tutorial on how to convert a model with compositional fields into one using the particle advection scheme, and which consequences follow from this conversion for model runtime and accuracy.

Connect: http://uc-d.adobeconnect.com/r28i3av93ti/ <http://uc-d.adobeconnect.com/r28i3av93ti/>


Lorraine Hwang, Ph.D.
Associate Director, CIG

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