[aspect-devel] Morency-Dorin with free surface

Payman Janbakhsh payman.janbakhsh at mail.utoronto.ca
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Hi John
2D , delamination, geometry aspect ration of 2x1 , free top surface, other boundaries zero velocity.
Linear temperature profile within the upper 100km and lower 100km and a constant T in between.
25km upper crust, 30km lower crust, a weak zone within the lower crust( with a lower activation energy compare to the enclosing lower crust, so can set off the delamination).
Have tried different reasonable densities and activation energies for every layer except mantle.
Also have put Boundary composition model as : Initial composition  . not sure if this is correct.
Running with IMPES or iterated Stokes made no difference
Also velocity polynomial set to 2 and other polynomials set to 1
also have turned off Local conservative discretization



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Hi Payman,

The Morency-Dorin material model should not have intrinsic problem with handling a free surface.  The issue is likely related to some other aspect of your model design.  What type of processes are you modeling?



John Naliboff

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Earth & Planetary Sciences Dept., UC Davis
On 10/21/2016 12:17 PM, Payman Janbakhsh wrote:
Does Morency-Dorin material model have difficulty with free surface?
My models get stuck at solving Stokes system even at step zero when I switch top boundary to free surface.
I have set CFL to 0.1 and theta to 0.7 even chanh3d max time step to 1000 but still same issue. I have all other boundaries set to no slip boundaries


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