[aspect-devel] The output of nonadiabatic_temperature

Nan Zhang Nan.Zhang at colorado.edu
Tue Oct 25 04:36:44 PDT 2016

Hi Juliane,

I spent a long time to understand the namespace in aspect, and finally
defined a global array to transfer the average temperature
into compute_derived_quantities_vector(). I passed the compiling, and am
doing the calculation test.

While, I still have a question for the virtual
function compute_derived_quantities_vector(). I found that it is never
called directly either in the visualization or the simulator, by grep -r
"compute_derived_quantities_vector" . under the source directory. I could
guess where it is called in the visualization.cc. But, could you accurately
point me where it is called. I want to understand the logic flow more


On Tue, Oct 25, 2016 at 9:48 AM, Juliane Dannberg <dannberg at gfz-potsdam.de>

> Hi Nan,
> from what I see, you might have declared your ave_temp vector in a place
> that you can not access from where you want to use it (in your
> postprocessor). You declared it within the Visualization class, and try to
> access it in a different class (which is also not derived from
> Visualization).
> So you probably would want to declare and fill your average temperature
> vector in a different place in the code. The Visualization class is used
> just to generate graphical output for all visualization postprocessors, and
> it doesn't compute any of the output quantities for the individual
> postprocessors.
> So the very easy to implement (but also very slow) option would be to call
> the function that does the lateral averaging directly within
> compute_derived_quantities_vector().
> Alternatively, you could have a look at the "Dynamic Topography"
> postprocessor that demonstrates how you would write a visualization
> postprocessor that has to loop over all cells for the computation of the
> output.
> In general, it is always helpful if you send the whole patch (or a link to
> a version of the code that reproduces the error, e.g. on github) because
> then we can reproduce the error and it's easier to fix it.
> Best,
> Juliane
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