[aspect-devel] Using seismic tomography as an input

Bremner,Paul M pbremner at ufl.edu
Thu Oct 19 14:04:30 PDT 2017

Hi Phil,

I believe a 3D Cartesian model can be input into the ascii plug-in.

I also just want to make sure I understand your purpose correctly, are you hoping to input seismic tomography models for the express purpose of obtaining a density and gravity model? Or are you wanting to simply use the tomography models to feed a density model to ASPECT?

I believe that both the S40RTS and ascii plug-ins assign the temperature field in ASPECT, and not the density. For example, in S40RTS the velocity perturbation at a particular point is converted to density perturbation by multiplying a constant scale factor. That value is then multiplied by 1/alpha to get temperature perturbation, which is added to a background temperature for that point.


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