[aspect-devel] Moving plugins into main ASPECT

Rene Gassmoeller rene.gassmoeller at mailbox.org
Fri Oct 20 09:24:35 PDT 2017

> - about inner_core : the cluster here can’t handle external library, 
> so we had to add the inner_core.cc to the main ASPECT (which is the 
> main reason we ended up forking aspect). However, it seems that we did 
> it quite abruptly… and so the aspect binary we obtain doing that works 
> OK for inner core, but can’t do any other thing (like testing with box 
> convection). I guess we should do that differently, but I am not sure 
> how? How to include inner_core properly into aspect? (splitting 
> inner_core.cc with a inner_core.h ? any other things?)

Hi Marine,

let me start with the first problem (Juliane has some answers on your 
other questions later today), and let me cc the mailing list, because 
this is actually an instructive question that might help others as well.

Your approach is correct, if you are unable to compile shared libraries 
on your cluster you should move the plugin you need into the main 
project. In principle every source file you simply move into ASPECT's 
/source directory and every header file you move into the /include 
directory is included when compiling ASPECT after rerunning cmake. You 
do not need to split the declaration and definition into source and 
header files, it has some practical advantages and is considered better 
style (that is why we do it with all normal plugins ;-)), but if the 
plugin in question is in a single .cc file you can keep it in that 
single file and move it into the /source folder.

In your particular case (the inner_core.cc) the plugin contains a 
material model and a heating model, and an additional assembly term. The 
material model and heating model should work as expected. The 
complication arises from the fact that the assembly term is 
unconditionally added to the assembly whenever this .cc file is 
included. This is not a problem if it is in a plugin, but if it is in 
the main project you can not run models that do not use this term 
anymore. The simplest solution I can see would be to comment/uncomment 
the following lines of inner_core.cc depending on whether you want to 
run inner core models or not:


This of course requires recompilation every time you want to 
activate/deactivate this term.

An alternative would be to remove the following lines from the plugin

template <int dim>
void signal_connector (aspect::SimulatorSignals<dim> &signals)


and add the following line to the material models (not the heating 
models) parse_parameters() function:


Now the additional assembler term should only be connected if you select 
this material model.

Let me know how that goes, or if you have other questions.



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