[aspect-devel] convection in a (virtual) box

cedric thieulot c.thieulot at uu.nl
Thu Jan 4 13:02:14 PST 2018

hi all, 

for reasons too long to explain here I found myself this afternoon quickly installing and running the VirtualBox software on my Mac.
I quickly wanted to obtain the vrms and Nu values of the Blankenbach benchmark (‘convection-box.prm’) for various values of Ra.
Without even editing the prm file, I ran the model and plotted the results, only to find out they are off with regards to the manual (and the actual benchmark values from the paper.)
And not half a percent off, a good 10-20% off :)
I believe there probably is a simple explanation: since the thermal expansion coefficient is set to 1 in the prm file the true Boussinesq approximation should be used, yet it is absent from the prm file. 
I therefore suspect that the virtual box was updated in the Spring but not correctly ? (the .prm file on github does contain a Formulation).



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