[aspect-devel] ASPECT Newsletter #48

Rene Gassmoeller rene.gassmoeller at mailbox.org
Tue Jan 30 19:45:29 PST 2018

Hello everyone!

This is ASPECT newsletter #48.
It automatically reports recently merged features and discussions about the ASPECT mantle convection code.

## Below you find a list of recently proposed or merged features:

#2077: Merge old and new inner core figures and add Marine as a contributor (proposed by jdannberg; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2077

#2076: Number of steps between outputs (proposed by MarineLasbleis) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2076

#2075: Inner core cookbook - modifications of the manual (proposed by MarineLasbleis; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2075

#2074: Fix melt in parallel computations (proposed by gassmoeller; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2074

#2073: enable free surface for all solver schemes (proposed by jdannberg; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2073

#2072: Add option to update adiabatic surface conditions (proposed by gassmoeller) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2072

#2071: [WIP] Free surface extension to arbitrary deformation (proposed by gassmoeller) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2071

#2070: Change newton initial residual and linear tolearnce computation (proposed by MFraters) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2070

#2069: style fix in latent heat material model (proposed by jdannberg; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2069

#2068: add a phase transition to the inner core material model (proposed by jdannberg; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2068

#2066: check errors when writing restart.resume.z (proposed by tjhei; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2066

#2065: Update grain size test parameter files (proposed by gassmoeller; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2065

#2064: Add prem gravity profile (proposed by gassmoeller; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2064

#2062: Add enthalpy derivatives averaging for Steinberger material model (proposed by gassmoeller; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2062

#2059: Allow for a variable number of points in the initial profile adiabati... (proposed by jdannberg; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2059

#2058: Update parameter files (proposed by gassmoeller; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2058

#2054: Remove superfluous postprocessors (proposed by gassmoeller; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2054

#2042: Add grain size material model (proposed by gassmoeller; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2042

#2032: reuse compositional field matrix memory (proposed by tjhei; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2032

## And this is a list of recently opened or closed discussions:

#2067: Allow more flexible surface movements (opened) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/issues/2067

#2063: Make cookbook using thermodynamically consistent data (opened) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/issues/2063

#2061: Allow to use different assemblers for different compositional fields (opened) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/issues/2061

#2060: Add rms velocity to the velocity boundary statistics postprocessor (opened) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/issues/2060

#1964: Unify solver output (closed) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/issues/1964

#733: [Meta] Make assembly more modular (closed) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/issues/733

A list of all major changes since the last release can be found at https://aspect.geodynamics.org/doc/doxygen/changes_current.html.

Thanks for being part of the community!

Let us know about questions, problems, bugs or just share your experience by writing to aspect-devel at geodynamics.org, or by opening issues or pull requests at https://www.github.com/geodynamics/aspect.
Additional information can be found at https://aspect.geodynamics.org/, and https://geodynamics.org/cig/software/aspect/.
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