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Rene Gassmoeller rene.gassmoeller at mailbox.org
Fri Oct 5 17:47:05 PDT 2018

Hi all,

Wow. So now the secret development is out there :-). As discussed on 
Tuesday at the last online user meeting we would like to test how this 
transition will work, and want to make sure everything transitions as 
smoothly as possible. All our tests suggest that it will be a much more 
convenient and nicer interaction, and will allow for easier 
communication than a mailing list. Additionally, past discussions will 
be simpler to search and reference, especially for users that are not 
part of the mailing list. But do not worry if you prefer to have all 
messages in your mail inbox, there is a mailing list mode that will 
allow you to keep everything as is, receive emails for every post, and 
directly reply to them.

If you want to be one of the first posters on the new forum, then feel 
free to register at https://community.geodynamics.org/login (e.g. using 
your github account), and familiarize yourself with the new interface. I 
created a feedback post at 
and would appreciate any feedback about design, the process, or your 
concerns. Since the forum is highly configurable, it is most likely we 
can incorporate constructive suggestions.

Let us know what you think,



On 10/05/2018 03:22 PM, Lorraine Hwang wrote:
> 5 October 2018
> Dear aspect-devel Community,
> In an effort to improve the service we provide to the CIG community, 
> the aspect-devel mailing list will be* moved* to a discussion forum. 
>  The discussion forum will provide a searchable and open interface for 
> you to locate discussion topics and provide help to members of our 
> community. This action is part of our slow roll out of the forum for 
> the entire CIG community. Hence, as beta testers, we encourage you to 
> provide feedback on what can be improved.
> We have chosen the open source /discourse/ platform as a civilized 
> place to hold discussion. You can find out more about the platform by 
> navigating here:
> https://www.discourse.org/
> Beginning sometime next week, all emails to the mailing list will be 
> forwarded to the forum. You will be notified when this happens. As we 
> are in beta testing, the forum is currently hidden from public view. 
> You will need to register as a user to receive replies and see all 
> discussions on the topic.  The forum supports login from GitHub or you 
> can create a new account
> To begin:
> 1, Sign up by navigating to:
>     https://community.geodynamics.org/login
> 2. Check your email and spam folder. User accounts are automatically 
> approved upon registering. Follow instructions to activate your account.
> 3. Login in with your new account.
> 4. Read the header on the page that begins with “Welcome … “,  the 
> FAQs and the About the ASPECT Category (this is the pinned topic in 
> the ASPECT category).
> At this point you should see the available forum categories including 
> the ASPECT category.  This is where all aspect-devel emails will be 
> listed. Don’t forget to set your notifications!
> There are quite a number of settings and features you can tweak so we 
> encourage you to explore. You may wish to check your user settings 
> Emails and Notifications.
> We anticipate continuing the forwarding for several weeks to ensure a 
> smooth transition and encourage you all to sign up early and help us 
> make this a robust platform for our community.
> Thanks for your participation!
> Best,
> -Lorraine
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> Lorraine Hwang, Ph.D.
> Associate Director, CIG
> 530.752.3656
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> We are MOVING… this mailing list to a discussion forum: community.geodynamics.org in the coming weeks. More information coming soon!
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Rene Gassmoeller

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