[aspect-devel] Postprocessing scripts

Wolfgang Bangerth bangerth at colostate.edu
Tue Oct 30 10:11:14 PDT 2018

I'm not sure anyone ever answered this email -- so let me do this 3 
months late...

> But to be able to do a good comparisons with existing results, I'll need 
> things like horizontal averages (of composition, temperature, 
> velocities) and difference between the field and the horizontal average 
> (of composition, temperature). But the horizontal here is average over a 
> sphere, so I am guessing the post-processors are not so easy. (to get 
> average radial profiles)

This is actually what our 'depth average' postprocessor does -- average 
over all points at a certain depth where depth is defined differently 
for each geometry.

> I'm definitely not used to paraview, and I'm more used to do all my data 
> processing by hand... So a good tutorial on how to implement that with 
> paraview or equivalent, with a scripting (I usually have several dozens 
> of runs to process at a time) would be nice :-) But so far, I think that 
> a way to obtain a list of the points and values in the volume (without 
> duplicates), and maybe something to do the interpolation at required 
> points would be nice.

This isn't going to be efficient. There may be tens of millions of 
points in a simulation, and they are stored by maybe hundreds of 
processors, and the interpolation between individual points is really 
quite complicated if you have a non-trivial geometry. There are really 
only two efficient ways to deal with this much data: by outputting the 
data in specialized file formats for visualization, and by implementing 
postprocessors within ASPECT. I know that you'd like to do this by hand 
in some scripting language, but don't do it -- you won't be happy this 
way if the data just becomes too large.


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