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Marc Spiegelman mspieg at ldeo.columbia.edu
Thu Aug 3 11:29:10 PDT 2006

Dear All,

Apologies for the spam, but here is a bit more  information on  the  
Magma Dynamics Workshop. Even if you
cannot make the meeting,  your input is greatly appreciated (see item 4)

1)  A list of all registered participants seeking room-shares can be
found at
To get added to the list, you need to register and request room sharing

2)  A preliminary agenda for the meeting is also available at


3) The agenda and structure of the meeting  require a bit of
explanation and input from the community.

This meeting is primarily a discussion workshop structured around a
set of focused questions and goals.  The first day addresses what we
know and can already do.  The second day is focused on future
challenges and developing goals for CIG software development.  The eight
specific discussion sections are listed in the agenda along with
example topics and suggested discussion leaders.

Please review the agenda and send us (mspieg at ldeo.columbia.edu,
lmontesi at whoi.edu) any revisions or additional topics that you feel
strongly should be discussed within the context of the sessions. Also
if you would like to lead (or not lead) a particular discussion, let
us know.

Please come prepared to engage in the discussion and bring with you
any  materials or short presentations demonstrating  fundamental
observations  and/or current modeling/theoretical capabilities  that
support the overall discussion.

4) In addition, we encourage all participants to prepare a one-page
"wish-list" powerpoint or overhead that addresses the two  questions

      A) Science Objectives: What  are the important  
scientific/computational problems
           that you would like to address?

      B)  Software Objectives: What software/computational tools do you  
need to make progress?
           (i.e. how can CIG help?)

Some examples can be found at


Everyone will have an opportunity to present their wish-lists on  
(Session #5) but if you can please send us your power-points before
the meeting we can structure the sessions to be more efficient.

That's all for now...If you have any further questions please contact  
me or Laurent

See you soon,
Marc Spiegelman
Laurent Montesi

Marc Spiegelman
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory &
Dept. of Applied Physics/Applied Mathematics
Columbia University
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