[CIG-MAGMA] CIG Magma Dynamics Workshop:

Marc Spiegelman mspieg at ldeo.columbia.edu
Tue Aug 15 09:24:54 PDT 2006

Dear CIG Magma Dynamics Workshop participants,

Only a few more days before the workshop begins. Hopefully, your
travel and lodging plans are now finalized.  Please refer to the


for the latest information, list of registrants, and workshop
agenda and schedule (the final agenda should be up shortly).

We are also planning a conference meal at a local (excellent)
Vietnamese Restaurant on Friday night and would like to get a rough
head-count of who might interested.  Please respond to Christina Rohm
cr2090 at columbia.edu (cc: mspieg at ldeo.columbia.edu) if you are
interested and let us know about any dietary restrictions etc.

Other Logistical Matters:  Workshop Format

As many of you know, this meeting is meant to be a *discussion*
workshop and will be reasonably informal. The goal is to
address the basic questions

1) What are the scientifically and computationally interesting 
questions in
magma dynamics?
2) How are we addressing them today?
3) What would we like to be doing tomorrow?
4) How can CIG help? (and what is CIG?)

The workshop is divided into 8 discussion sessions to address these
issues.  The sessions will *not* be a series of AGU style 
presentations, rather they
will be led by a discussion leader charged to keep things lively,
inclusive (and  vaguely under control).  We are currently organizing a
few mini-presentations in each of the sessions to highlight current
and future progress in magma dynamics. However, everyone is encouraged
to contribute any topic relevant to the overall discussion.  We
will recruit scribes among the attendees to take notes of the
discussions. Volunteers welcome!

We also ask everyone to prepare a one page presentation of a
scientific and/or computational issue that you feel the CIG Magma
Migration working group should address.  These presentations are
currently scheduled for the morning of the second day.  We also 
you to also prepare a slightly longer presentation (~5 minute/5
slides) highlighting topics/results/observations you may want to

For logistical reasons, it would be  helpful if you could send us
both the requested one page presentation and the optional longer
presentations so that we can upload them and have them ready on our
computers before the workshop.

As with all CIG workshops, we would like to post these presentations
on the website. Let us know if you would agree to this or not.

Have a safe trip and see you in New York City on Friday!

Laurent G. J. Montesi
Marc Spiegelman

Marc Spiegelman
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory &
Dept. of Applied Physics/Applied Mathematics
Columbia University
SKYPE:   Tel: +1 (845) 363 4747

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