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Dear colleagues,

Join us at *EGU **General Assembly 2016*, (17th to 22nd April 2016) in
Vienna by submitting abstracts to this *ARC** session* entitled:

*‘Growth, accretion, structure and preservation of oceanic and
continental ARCS: from fossil records to active settings’ (TS6.7/GMPV5.13)*

Invited speakers:

*K. Vogt  *(Utrechts University, Netherlands)

*J. Tetreault* (NGU - Geodynamics team, Norway)

Reminder: the deadline for abstract submission is *13rd January 2016* !

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**** Further information about the EGU 2016 can be found below ****


Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to seeing you
in Vienna !

Kind regards,

A. Triantafyllou, J. Berger, C. J. Garrido, D. Bosch, P. Bouilhol


Growth, accretion, structure and preservation of oceanic and continental ARCS:
from fossil records to active settings

Arcs are key-geological actors of plate tectonics. They are viewed as

major factories contributing to crust generation, continental growth,
explosive volcanism and the geochemical cycles through the solid Earth, via
magma production, differentiation and crustal foundering. Few
accreted arcs sections expose a complete crustal and upper mantle section
emphasizing the crucial role of arc preservation during subduction and
continental collision. Activearc settings, in turn, allow direct
investigation of the upper crustal and
volcanic dynamics while, apart for indirect imaging or discrete
sampling (xenoliths),
very little is known about their deeper crustal section.
Recent studies and results acquired on fossil and active arc systems
have boosted
our comprehension of subduction initiation, arc growth and accretion as
well as their ultimate participation in crust production.

The study of arc construction and accretion processes through Earth's
history - from Archean to modern case studies - requires bringing together
multidisciplinary communities across a wide range of disciplines and
methods encompassing, among others, (i) igneous, structural, petrological,
geochemical, geochronological studies in exhumed arc sections and
activearcs, (ii) new insights from recent advances in analogue and
numerical modeling, (iii), geophysical studies of active arcs, and (iv)
deep drilling of active oceanic arcs as such recently accomplished by IODP
expeditions in the western Pacific.

This session invites wide-ranging multidisciplinary contributions aimed at
constraining growth, structure, accretion and preservation processes
ofoceanic and continental arcs; going from melting processes in the
sub-arc mantle, mass transfer in the subduction zone and igneous, tectonic
and metamorphic processes in the arc crust.

*Session: TS6.7/GMPV5.13*

Antoine Triantafyllou

PhD student in Geodynamics

Antoine.Triantafyllou at umons.ac.be

antoine.triantafyllou at etu.univ-nantes.fr

Laboratoire de Planétologie & Géodynamique (LPG-Nantes) - Université de
Nantes (France)

Département de Géologie Fondamentale & Appliquée - Faculté Polytechnique,
Université de Mons (Belgium)
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