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  1. May 15 2022

    2022 ASPECT Hackathon

    Dates: May 15-24, 2022Location: Cody, WyomingTo further the development of the mantle convection code ASPECT and its user community, current users and developers of ASPECT will be working...

  2. Jun 20 2022

    2022 Crustal Deformation Modeling Workshop

    We will be holding our biannual crustal deformation modeling workshop June 20-24, 2022, at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. The weeklong workshop will include 2 days of...

  3. Mar 10 2022

    Dynamo Simulations of Planetary Cores

    Ryan Orvedahl, UC DavisThe majority of solar system planets possess global, or large-scale, magnetic fields. These magnetic fields are all thought to be generated by the dynamo mechanism, whereby...

  4. Apr 14 2022

    Interaction Between Earthquakes and Interseismic Deformation

    Kali Allison, UC DavisEarthquake cycle models can be used to understand the processes that govern fault and shear zone structure and to link these processes to earthquake cycle...

  5. Jan 13 2022

    Introduction to reference Earth models and datasets using AVNI

    Pritwiraj ‘Raj’ Moulik, Princeton University• Open-source Python package with APIs to handle data and compute intensive queries• Introduce storage formats or classes for...

  6. May 12 2022

    Poroelastic Implementation in PyLith: Gateway to Multiphysics

    Robert Walker, SUNY BuffaloPyLith, a community, open-source code ( for modeling quasi-static and dynamic crustal deformation with an emphasis on...