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  1. May 14 2020

    2020 Discovering and addressing social challenges during the evolution of scientific software projects

    Rene Gassmoeller, CIG UC DavisIn the last decade geodynamic software projects have increasingly incorporated state-of-the-art technical best practices like version control, documentation,...

  2. May 10 2018

    2018 ASPECT 2.0: Improved architecture, new features

    Rene Gassmöller, Juliane Dannberg and John Naliboff, UC Davis[All 2017-18 webinars] [YouTube]

  3. Nov 10 2016

    2016 Intricacies of particle-in-cell methods in convection models with adaptive meshes: Using ASPECT's particle implementation

    Rene Gassmoeller, CSU Fort CollinsParticle-in-cell methods have a long history in modeling of mantle convection, lithospheric deformation and crustal dynamics. However, their efficient parallel...