[aspect-devel] Current deal.II development sources

Wolfgang Bangerth bangerth at math.tamu.edu
Sat Mar 9 05:18:43 PST 2013

in the past, current Aspect sources from svn required current deal.II sources 
from svn. We have released deal.II 7.3 last week and we intend to make this 
the version of deal.II that Aspect is supposed to run with for now. In other 
words: you can throw away the deal.II development sources and simply install 
deal.II 7.3 right away. Timo and I hope to make an Aspect release in the near 
future that is definitely based on deal.II 7.3 as well.

As those of you who are subscribed to the deal.II mailing lists already know, 
there is big upheaval in the deal.II world right now. Namely, we have switched 
from autoconf to cmake. What this means for you is that you can *not* use the 
current deal.II svn version with the current Aspect svn version, at least not 
easily. If you are using deal.II svn sources, do not update them for the time 
being or you will get the new cmake system and will not be able to build 
aspect -- simply stay on the deal.II revision you're at currently.

Our plan is that, once the Aspect release based on deal.II 7.3 is out, we will 
switch Aspect to using cmake as well. At that point, you can go back to using 
both deal.II and Aspect svn.


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