[aspect-devel] non-linear iterations

Markus Bürg buerg at math.tamu.edu
Thu May 16 10:42:28 PDT 2013

Hello Anne,

I think that I have implemented those two schemes some time ago. You are 
right that they will not suffice for your current needs. I am currently 
working on implementing a fully nonlinear solver for another project. 
Though, I do not know when it will finally make its way into Aspect yet. 
Therefore, I suppose that we try to hack a solver, which is suitable for 
you, into Aspect right now and perhabs update the library to a more 
advanced version later on when that one is finished.

In this sense: Could you please send me a little bit more information 
about what you want to solve off the list directly by e-mail? Then, we 
can figure out a way how to get it done.


On 16.05.2013 6:02 pm, Glerum, A.C. (Anne) wrote:
> Dear all,
> Thank you for the new Aspect and Dealii releases; we just installed 
> them and are ready to use them! We have a question pertaining to 
> non-linear iterations on viscosity and other coefficients. As we 
> understand it, there are non-linear iterations of the Stokes and 
> temperature equations (iterated IMPES, iterated Stokes), but these 
> only iterate on the advection term and the shear heating in the 
> temperature equation. If we have non-linear dependencies of the 
> viscosity on the strain rate, pressure a.o., this does not suffice 
> right? Will you then be implementing full non-linear iterations and on 
> what timescale?
> Thank you,
> Anne
> *Anne Glerum, MSc *| PhD candidate| Department of Earth 
> Sciences|Utrecht University| Budapestlaan 4, 3584 CD Utrecht|Room 
> Z.204| A.C.Glerum at uu.nl <mailto:D.J.J.vanHinsbergen at uu.nl>|

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