[aspect-devel] lateral variations in viscosity & present-day seismic image as inputs

Petar Glisovic pglisovic at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 09:20:52 PDT 2014

Hi Wolfgang & Timo,

I would like to run an instantaneous flow calculation in 3-D spherical
shell using
1. initial thermal structure that includes a present-day seismic image, and
2. lateral variations in viscosity as a 3-D input, i.e., I do not want to
use viscosity prefactors (set Lateral viscosity file name option).

Is that possible?


Petar Glisovic, Dr.
postdoctoral fellow

*address*:  GEOTOP, Université du Québec à Montréal, CP 8888, succursale
Centre-Ville, Montréal, Québec, Canada H3C 3P8 * | ema**il**: * pglisovic
@gmail.com & glisovic.petar at courrier.uqam.ca*  | phone:  *1-514-987-3000
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