[aspect-devel] Kludges in ASPECT

Ian Rose ian.rose at berkeley.edu
Fri Oct 31 14:45:40 PDT 2014

I have also run into situations where I want more control over Simulator
members than the SimulatorAccess class provides.  In those cases I have had
some success casting away the const-ness of the things that SimulatorAccess
gives you (i.e., read-only solution-vectors, meshes, etc).  I don't
remember the specifics, but I do remember that it was not pretty.  It
works, though, and allows you to do more within the plugin framework.

On Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 2:26 PM, Timo Heister <heister at clemson.edu> wrote:

> > Does anyone have a favorite method for quick kludges which modify the
> > solution vectors?
> You can always create a global Simulator pointer and set it to "this"
> somewhere in run. Then you can access everything from a plugin.
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