[aspect-devel] Kludges in ASPECT

Wolfgang Bangerth bangerth at tamu.edu
Fri Oct 31 14:56:36 PDT 2014

> For instance, at the moment I would like to integrate along columns in
> my model, and assign values to the compositional fields in the top
> cells based on the result. I could probably come up with a legit way
> to do that, and write some nicely commented code which follows all of
> the best-practice guidelines, but I don't even know if much will come
> of it, so I'd rather just kludge something in and test it quickly
> before I exert more effort on it.
> As far as I know, none of the plugin interfaces are really intended to
> be used for directly reading and writing to the solution vectors. Am I
> wrong about that? Would a postprocessor be the best way to do it?
> Does anyone have a favorite method for quick kludges which modify the
> solution vectors?

I'd just make all of the members of Simulator public. Basically 
everything you do in plugins is in classes that derive from 
SimulatorAccess, so if you do
then you have a writable reference to the simulator object and you can 
access all of its member variables (because you've made them public).

Not pretty, but works.


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