[aspect-devel] visu problem

Wolfgang Bangerth bangerth at tamu.edu
Tue Apr 28 09:28:00 PDT 2015

> On a side note:
> When making, I got some errors about the dealii::Utilities::MPI::sum functions
> in the #if DEAL_II_VERSION_GTE(8,3,0) statement in nullspace.cc
> (e.g. no matching function for call to ‘mpi_type_id(const dealii::Tensor<1, 3,
> double>*)).
> I didn't look into it, but as a quick fix I commented out this option and am
> using the internal::sum functions. I am using deal.ii 8.3.pre.

Yes, this is awkward. The missing function has been added to deal.II in the 
meantime, but you appear to have a version of deal.II that is *after* 8.2, 
before the addition of the missing function, and reports itself as 8.3.pre -- 
so the #ifdef triggers.

I don't see a particularly good option. Either you comment out the #ifdef as 
you already did, or upgrade the deal.II version.


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