[aspect-devel] Treatment of artificial diffusion and convection terms

Wolfgang Bangerth bangerth at tamu.edu
Thu Jul 9 14:04:28 PDT 2015


> Thanks for your quick reply. Are there any additional changes like this in
> the numerical methods?

I don't recall any. The mesh refinement has been made significantly more 
general, but the general principle still holds.

> Well, I was just wondering, as I couldn't find where in the assembly.cc
> the output of 'bdf2_extrapolate' was used. In the paper these terms only
> occurred in the rhs of the energy equation (page 18, def of G_i), I think.

Good point. I don't recall the details (one could probably find this out from 
the revision history in git) but my suspicion is that we figured that that if 
one sets time_step and old_time_step appropriately, that many things work just 
by themselves in all of the places where we used the function. There are still 
two instances where we use a variable use_bdf2_scheme.

In any case, I've removed the function:


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