[aspect-devel] Different workflow‏ for complex geometry & material set-up

ZhangQingwen zhangqingwen at live.cn
Fri May 22 12:15:04 PDT 2015

Hi all,

How can I implement a new way to fill different materials into different part of a geometry models? This is inspired by the ANSYS Fluent workflow, which I think is very intuitive and follows "industry standard", while ASPECT show poor control of What Material in Where.

The ANSYS Fluent workflow is something like:
step-1: generate or import a shape/mesh and index its components (i.e., points, edges, faces, bodies) and index them with indicators (this is partly demonstrated in deal.ii tutorial program step-49, step-54);
step-2: define materials desperately in a .prm file and index them with indicators, too. (How?)
step-3: fill different materials into curtain part of the geometry, this can be manipulated precisely with the help of material and geometry indicators. (How?)
step-4: impose boundary conditions and initial conditions exactly onto prescribed point/face/body of a geometry model indexed with indicators in step-1. (This is not new for ASPECT).
step-5: import data for further post process.

The step-2 and step-3 are new(?) or unconventional for current ASPECT. Perhaps I need to reorganize existing material model and find a way to put them together.

Expecting ways to set up step-3, step-4 are:
# step-1: Geometry definition
subsection Geometry model
    # geometry 1
    subsection geometry 1
        set Geometry indicator = 1
        set density = 2800
    # geometry 2
    subsection geometry 2
        set Geometry indicator = 2
        set density = 2850
    # geometry 3
end # end of Geometry model

# step-2: Material definition
subsection Material model
    # material 1
    subsection material 1
        set Material indicator = 1
        set density = 2800
    # material 2
    subsection material 2
        set Material indicator = 2
        set density = 2850
    # material 3
end # end of Material model

# step-3: fill material into geometry shapes
# usage: set fill=[material indicator:geometry indicator; ...]
# e.g., to fill
#     material 1 to geometry 1
#     material 2 to geometry 2
#     material 3 to geometry 2
# one can do it by:
subsection Fill materials into geometry shapes
    set fill=[
                material indicator = 1 : material indicator = 1
                material indicator = 2 : material indicator = 2
                material indicator = 3 : material indicator = 2


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