[aspect-devel] Q1 P0 finite element

Thieulot, C.A.P. (Cedric) c.thieulot at uu.nl
Wed Aug 31 04:49:25 PDT 2016

Hi Harsha, 

it is, and if I am not mistaken here’s what you need in the input file:

set Stokes velocity polynomial degree = 1 


set Use locally conservative discretization = true



On 31 Aug 2016, at 00:58, Harsha Lokavarapu <lokavarapuh at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> In the paper, Discretization errors in the hybrid finite element particle-in-cell by M. Thielmann, D.A. May, and B.J. P. Kaus, they analyze both cell averaging and a bilinear least squares as an interpolationscheme for the benchmarks SolCx, SolKz, and SolVI. They further analyze the algorithms by measuring the convergence rates for different finite elements including Q1xP0 and Q2xP{-1}.
> Is it possible to run ASPECT using Q1xP0 finite element? 
> Thank You,
> -Harsha
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