[aspect-devel] Input parameters for the compressible mantle convection?

Nan Zhang Nan.Zhang at colorado.edu
Wed Aug 31 11:35:31 PDT 2016

Hi all,

I tried to do a calculation of a compressible mantle flow, and followed the
user manual to get an input file like:
subsection Material model
  set Model name = simple compressible   # simple

  subsection Simple compressible model
    set Reference density = 3300
    set Reference specific heat = 1250
    set Reference compressibility = 4e-12
    set Thermal expansion coefficient = 4e-5
    set Viscosity                     = 1e22

subsection Heating model
  List of model names = adiabatic heating, constant heating, shear heating

  subsection Adiabatic heating
    set Use simplified adiabatic heating = true

  subsection Constant heating
    set Radiogenic heating rate = 1e-12

  subsection Shear heating

subsection Model settings
  set Zero velocity boundary indicators       = inner
  set Tangential velocity boundary indicators = outer
  set Prescribed velocity boundary indicators =

  set Fixed temperature boundary indicators   = inner, outer

  set Include adiabatic heating               = true
  set Include shear heating                   = true
  set Include latent heat                     = false

This input can be run. My question is if any compressible benchmark case
with ASPECT can be compared for testing my input parameter?

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