[aspect-devel] How do you set the finite element type in an ASPECT Parameter file?

Wolfgang Bangerth bangerth at tamu.edu
Fri Jul 22 16:56:00 PDT 2016

take a look at the parameters in section "Discretization". For example, there 
is a parameter "Temperature polynomial degree" that selects the finite element 
for the temperature. There are others for velocity and pressure.


On 07/22/2016 05:56 PM, Harry Levinson wrote:
>> Dear ASPECT Developers,
>>       I'm a UC Davis student currently doing summer research which involves
>> the use of ASPECT.
>>      I'm trying to figure out how to configure an ASPECT parameter file to
>> use the following types of finite elements:
> 1. Qd2× Q1
> 2. Qd3X Q2
> 3. Qd2× P−1
>>      I didn't find any documentation on configuring the finite element type
>> in the ASPECT manual, so I thought I should post the question to this
>> mailing list.
>>     I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could direct me to documentation on
>> setting the finite element type in ASPECT.
>>     Thank you in advance for your help!
>> Sincerely,
>> Harry Levinson
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