[aspect-devel] Dynamic Topography vs Topography

Payman Janbakhsh payman.janbakhsh at mail.utoronto.ca
Sun Nov 6 12:58:31 PST 2016

When running a model, postprocessor outputs min and max topography at the end of each time step. In my case shows  values around + - 1.5m  (early steps).
Then when using dynamic topography postprocessor to plot dynamic topography vs X, with or without the option of Subtract mean of topography, my plot  shows values between -150m to 200m in some areas and zero(in the case of subtracted mean)  for the rest of the x dimension.
Why is there a discrepancy between Topography min/max  and dynamic topography at the same time step? Shouldn't the topography min/max reflect the min /max on my dynamic topography plot?

Thank you

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