[aspect-devel] Error from violated condition on parameters

FELIPE ORELLANA ROVIROSA f_orellana at berkeley.edu
Sun Nov 20 20:34:57 PST 2016

 Hi all,

    I am running aspect 1.5.0-pre

    I have tried to run my job several times, and I get this awkward error

  -- This is ASPECT, the Advanced Solver for Problems in Earth's ConvecTion.
--     . version 1.5.0-pre
--     . running in DEBUG mode
--     . running with 32 MPI processes
--     . using Trilinos

The output directory </home1/04020/unfelipe/brickbic/> provided in the
input file appears not to exist.
ASPECT will create it for you.

Number of active cells: 512 (on 4 levels)
Number of degrees of freedom: 20,381 (14,739+729+4,913)

*** Timestep 0:  t=0 years

An error occurred in line <1152> of file
</home1/04020/unfelipe/packages/aspect/source/simulator/assembly.cc> in
typename aspect::Simulator<dim>::Adv
ectionField&, double,
onSystem<dim>&) const [with int dim = 3; typename
aspect::Simulator<dim>::AdvectionField =
The violated condition was:
    density_c_P >= 0
The name and call sequence of the exception was:
    ExcMessage ("The product of density and c_P needs to be a "
"non-negative quantity.")
Additional Information:
The product of density and c_P needs to be a non-negative quantity.

#0  /home1/04020/unfelipe/packages/aspect/build/aspect:
em(aspect::Simulator<3>::AdvectionField const&, double,
aspect::internal::Assembly::Scratch::AdvectionSystem<3>&, aspect::inter
nal::Assembly::CopyData::AdvectionSystem<3>&) const
#1  /home1/04020/unfelipe/packages/aspect/build/aspect: s...

of course, my parameters are positive numbers, so I don't know where the
error comes from.

I am attaching my parameter file.

any help would be appreciated,

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