[aspect-devel] Discrepancy in L2 Error of Velocity between deal.II and ParaView

Elbridge Gerry Puckett egp at math.ucdavis.edu
Mon Oct 24 18:50:41 PDT 2016

> On Oct 24, 2016, at 5:22 PM, Harsha Lokavarapu <hlokavarapu at ucdavis.edu> wrote:
> The attached equations.pdf contains the equations that we are interested in solving as well as the analytical solution we are interested in computing.


Be Careful! 

You just openly 'published' the key idea in our active particle benchmark paper.  I don't think the people who read aspect-devel need to know our equations.

Of course I trust Wolfgang, Timo
and Juliane, while René is a coauthor. But let's not tell the rest of the world until we publish the paper.

Otherwise, thanks for posting this!

- G

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