[aspect-devel] Interest in providing and using software containers

Tyler Esser tjesser at ucdavis.edu
Thu Feb 2 14:18:15 PST 2017

CIG has been talking about whether we should be providing users with Docker
containers or similar, and how they should be distributed.

Docker is software that allows running processes in a separate operating
system environment, aka a software container. Containers provide separate
file systems and system call access to processes running inside them,
allowing developers better guarantees about the system environment through
explicit configuration of the containers contents and resources. Containers
can also be distributed to others, allowing users to have identical
instances of processes regardless of their computer environment. (They just
need Docker installed.)

Do the Aspect devs have any experience distributing an Aspect container?
Have any users asked for one?

CIG is considering making a repository for container configuration files
for all the CIG projects. Do people like the idea of consolidating
containers or would anyone prefer they be in each project’s repository?
Would the Aspect devs accept a pull request that added container
configuration files?

Tyler Esser
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