[aspect-devel] Interest in providing and using software containers

Timo Heister heister at clemson.edu
Fri Feb 3 09:37:17 PST 2017


> Do the Aspect devs have any experience distributing an Aspect container?
> Have any users asked for one?

we already have docker images to use with ASPECT:
1. https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__github.com_tjhei_aspect-2Ddocker&d=CwIFaQ&c=Ngd-ta5yRYsqeUsEDgxhcqsYYY1Xs5ogLxWPA_2Wlc4&r=c08Btfq4m9QEScXN3ZQwLZzzWQE7S8CYq1IYuzKV_Zk&m=b1m4Cs9DSWpX4tUaJDWvb8I6iV7MrWXoF-tNQ8nkJ9Y&s=vzViMugX6syhtaIJePnCGbR_QwSqV_a3GJ5nOqDG_Qw&e=  is used for the automated
tester (built by me)
2. Rene played with it a while ago:
https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__hub.docker.com_r_gassmoeller_aspect_&d=CwIFaQ&c=Ngd-ta5yRYsqeUsEDgxhcqsYYY1Xs5ogLxWPA_2Wlc4&r=c08Btfq4m9QEScXN3ZQwLZzzWQE7S8CYq1IYuzKV_Zk&m=b1m4Cs9DSWpX4tUaJDWvb8I6iV7MrWXoF-tNQ8nkJ9Y&s=vTiSWKIcz1FRPX-73LpelL-szguTz8ikgX51ld-Gp_c&e=  (maybe he can comment on

It might make sense to use/advertise them more, but I feel that the
virtual machine route is still a better way to handle things like

> CIG is considering making a repository for container configuration files for
> all the CIG projects. Do people like the idea of consolidating containers or
> would anyone prefer they be in each project’s repository? Would the Aspect
> devs accept a pull request that added container configuration files?

I am interested in input from CIG and am curious to see examples from
other projects (best practices, etc.). I would prefer if this won't
duplicate efforts and be drastically different to my current


Timo Heister

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