[aspect-devel] Is the correct Boussinesq approximation now the default in ASPECT?

Ying He yinghe at math.ucdavis.edu
Sat Feb 4 12:56:48 PST 2017

Hi John,

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> Hi all,
> Gerry - Clarification question. Your group was was using a modified
> form of the equations (relating to density approximation) at some
> point, yes?
No, we didn't modify the density approximation for the old runs. It 
means we were using real density for the temperature equation the same 
as the default density approximation...
> Did the set of runs from the summer use that custom approximation or
> was it using ASPECT’s default density approximation? Is it possible
> the new runs are using ASPECT’s default, while the old ones use your
> modified equations?
> If both sets of models simply used ASPECT’s default for the given
> material model, from Timo’s email below the approximations should be
> the same.
We didn't specify the density approximation in the recent new runs, so 
it should be the default setting. So yes, I guess the old runs and the 
new runs used the same equations according to Timo's email...
> Cheers,
> John
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