[aspect-devel] ASPECT Data to ASCII file

Wolfgang Bangerth bangerth at colostate.edu
Mon Jan 15 16:18:53 PST 2018

On 01/15/2018 03:21 AM, Eleonora Ficini wrote:
> I need to export ASPECT data in an XYZ ascii file.
> I read on the manual that this could be done writing “txt" in the “Output format” (Visualization subsection), but when I try to do this ASPECT send me an error ( specifically, the txt format is not available).
> What could I do to have this kind of file?

Eleonora -- there are several graphical output formats that output data in 
clear text and that could pretty easily be processed into xyz-type data. An 
example is the gnuplot format.

There are other possibilities, but before trying to describe them, let me ask 
why you need this format? Outputting the *entire* solution in xyz format only 
makes sense if you want to visualize it (because it's *so* much data) -- for 
which there are of course much better formats than just xyz. On the other 
hand, if you are really only interested in the solution at *some* points, then 
maybe you want to use the 'point value' postprocessor?


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