[aspect-devel] Training videos on deal.II and computational science

Wolfgang Bangerth bangerth at math.tamu.edu
Mon May 6 04:21:04 PDT 2013

at Texas A&M I teach a course where students have to implement deal.II 
programs for whatever they do in the research. Prior to this semester, I had 
decided that I'm going to record these lectures in a TV studio, and all but 
three of them (40 so far) are now online (hosted by youtube) and linked to 
from here:
My original intent had been to have lectures primarily on deal.II itself, but 
in the end I decided to go big: there are lectures on which solver to take, 
which preconditioners to use, time dependent problems, parallel computing, 
using tools such as Visit, Paraview and Eclipse, debugging, etc -- in essence, 
all of the topics you encounter in computations science.

I hope that these videos serve as a nice resource to newcomers to deal.II, as 
well as if you're learning about the practical aspects of scientific computing 
in general. Any feedback is certainly welcome!

Wolfgang Bangerth               email:            bangerth at math.tamu.edu
                                 www: http://www.math.tamu.edu/~bangerth/

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