[aspect-devel] Solution goes wrong after restart

Timo Heister timo.heister at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 08:20:57 PDT 2015

Hey Siqi,

I wonder if this is could be related to the filesystem you are writing
the files to. If p4est is not using MPI_IO it uses posix in the hope
that this works reliably.

Do you know what kind of filesystem your output directory is on? Is
there a different filesystem you can try?

On Fri, Apr 10, 2015 at 2:05 AM, Siqi Zhang <siqi.zhang at mq.edu.au> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Recently, I have encountered an issue while trying to restart from a
> checkpoint. It seems the solution is misplaced into the wrong place while
> restart (See the two figures). However, the problem is not always repeatable
> (sometimes it restarts fine), and it might be related to something wrong in
> deal.II or p4est.
> The versions I used to build ASPECT is:
> DEAL.II         8.2.1
> P4EST  (encountered similar problem on 1.1 as well)
> TRILINOS     11.12.1
> MPI                openmpi 1.8.3 (with gcc 4.4.7)
> and I am using the most recent development version of aspect
> (1b9c41713a1f234eba92b0179812a4d0b5e0c2a8)
> I reproduced the problem with the attached prm file (using 2 nodes 24
> processors total), I wonder if any of you would like to give it a try see if
> it is a bug or just bad installation on my machine?
> Regards,
> Siqi
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