[aspect-devel] ASPECT Newsletter #66

Rene Gassmoeller rene.gassmoeller at mailbox.org
Wed Oct 24 12:00:23 PDT 2018

Hello everyone!

This is ASPECT newsletter #66.
It automatically reports recently merged features and discussions about the ASPECT mantle convection code.

## Below you find a list of recently proposed or merged features:

#2692: remove broken badge from readme (proposed by tjhei) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2692

#2691: [bugfix] fix restarting melt models (proposed by jdannberg) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2691

#2690: Instantiate additional dislocation viscosities output object (proposed by gassmoeller) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2690

#2689: Balto plugin (proposed by kneumiller) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2689

#2688: Replace aspect-devel references (proposed by naliboff; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2688

#2687: fix doxygen formatting (proposed by tjhei; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2687

#2686: change mailing list link and contact section (proposed by tjhei; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2686

#2685: Remove reference to mailing list from website (proposed by gassmoeller; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2685

#2684: Fix typo in website title. (proposed by gassmoeller; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2684

#2683: Remove link to legal notice of deal.ii on website (proposed by gassmoeller; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2683

#2677: design a structure for interpolating material model outputs onto comp... (proposed by jdannberg; merged) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/pull/2677

## And this is a list of recently opened or closed discussions:

#2657: how do I get stress tensor of some mesh point? (closed) https://github.com/geodynamics/aspect/issues/2657

A list of all major changes since the last release can be found at https://aspect.geodynamics.org/doc/doxygen/changes_current.html.

Thanks for being part of the community!

Let us know about questions, problems, bugs or just share your experience by writing to aspect-devel at geodynamics.org, or by opening issues or pull requests at https://www.github.com/geodynamics/aspect.
Additional information can be found at https://aspect.geodynamics.org/, and https://geodynamics.org/cig/software/aspect/.
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