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Follow the citation instructions for each software packages as instructed on its citation tab.  Users can also consult individual software manuals for licensing and acknowledgement information. If no citation information is given, contact the author(s)/developer (s) and request citation and acknowledgement information.

It the author(s)/developer(s) cannot be contacted, please use the following as a template:

Body Text

We use [software name][version number] (reference list) published under the [license] license.
The reference list should include citation to the code (see below) as well as research publications as requested. 

Cite Code As
[developer list] [release year], [software name][version number], url:[url], accessed on [date].

If the developer is unknown, use anonymous.  Please note a url is not a persistent identifier (PID). If a PID exists, this should be used instead.




When using CIG hosted and/or developed software, please acknowledge our contribution to making this software available by including the following statement:
[software name] is hosted by the Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics (CIG) which is supported by the National Science Foundation awards NSF-0949446, NSF-1550901, and NSF-2149126.




Remember to acknowledge ACCESS (formerly XSEDE) if using their resources.

See COMMUNITY > Computing for full citation and attribution information when using ACCESS resources as part of the CIG community award or for your own allocation.